About Us

NuSkope Pty Ltd is a privately-owned ISP that specializes in wide area wireless network communication.

NuSkope was established in 2007 as a specialist wireless networking provider. Before long, the company was building a solid reputation amongst customers by providing broadband to areas of metro Adelaide which were typically in broadband black spots. Recently NuSkope’s reputation as a reliable, fast and South Australian owned internet service provider combined with competitive pricing has seen the company grow rapidly extending its network coverage to regional greater Adelaide.

It's What We Do

We don’t just see things the way they are, we see them as they should be. At heart, we are engineers, it’s what we do. Nowadays, its always faster this and smaller that, better everything. The way we see it, the internet is in a rut... literally. The NBN contractors are digging ditches to bring you high speed internet, slowly digging ditch after ditch and you are left to wait... and wait.... and wait...
Well we’re not waiting. We’re putting high speed internet where it belongs, up on a pedestal. We are taking it to the skies and taking it across the state. Why? Because being connected means everything! It’s the great equalizer. Today’s internet is not a luxury, its a necessity. It’s running so many things, businesses, schools, lives and more... way more. It definitely doesn't have to involve waiting, or burying cables, or buying bundles. It takes new thinking, hard work and a dedication to taking the internet to new heights. The future is not faster cables, it’s NO cables! So we are climbing stairs, ladders, towers, and anything else that will allow us to connect you, and everyone you know, to affordable, reliable, non bundled high speed internet. You can't wait for a hole to be dug, and now, thanks to NuSkope, you don't have to.





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