Nuskope specialises in connecting apartment buildings providing fast and reliable broadband to the entire apartment complex. Our flexible no contract plans allow for residents to opt in or out on a no-contract basis.

Below is a list of the current apartment complexes connected with NuSkope.

  • 155 Brebner Drive, West Lakes
  • 1 Augustine St, Mawson Lakes
  • 99 Elder Drive, Mawson Lakes
  • 102 Elder Drive, Mawson Lakes
  • 1-6 Euston Walk, Mawson Lakes
  • 7 Euston Walk, Mawson Lakes
  • 21-25 Euston Walk, Mawson Lakes
  • 42-48 Garden Tce, Mawson Lakes
  • 1-3 Goodall Parade,Mawson Lakes
  • 2-6 Goodall Parade, Mawson Lakes
  • 5 Goodall Parade, Mawson Lakes
  • 21-25 Goodall Parade, Mawson Lakes
  • 22-26 Goodall Parade, Mawson Lakes
  • 2-4 Hurtle Parade, Mawson Lakes
  • 9-11 Hurtle Parade,Mawson Lakes
  • 13 Hurtle Parade,Mawson Lakes
  • 10 Light Common,Mawson Lakes
  • 6-14 Metro Parade, Mawson Lakes
  • 20-24 Metro Parade, Mawson Lakes
  • 23-25 Metro Parade, Mawson Lakes
  • 26-28 Metro Parade, Mawson Lakes
  • 27-29 Metro Parade,Mawson Lakes
  • 30 Metro Parade, Mawson Lakes
  • 44-48 Metro Parade,Mawson Lakes
  • 32-36 Riverside St,Mawson Lakes
  • 2A Selway St,Oaklands Park

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  • The infrastructure is configured to provide these speeds with Nuskope’s own network. Actual speeds online will vary with internet traffic, servers and routers and is not within the control of NuSkope. The average customer connection speed during non-peak times is between 10-30 Mbit. The average customer connection speed during peak times is 7-20 Mbit
  • If you exceed your allocated quota your service will be shaped to 512k until the end of your current billing period. To return to full speed users have the option to purchase Data Blocks and will be unshaped instantly.
  • Don't know how much quota you need? A guide to typical Internet usage, including approximate usage estimates for popular Internet applications can be found here

Our Wireless plans include

  • One Static IP
  • High Security Encryption
  • Local Customer Service, Fast Response Time to Faults
  • High Speed Service, Up to 30/5 Mbps*
  • No Peak/Off-Peak Usage
  • No phone line rental required
  • Shaping Speed to 512k
  • Account lifetime Hardware Warranty for Antenna
  • Maximum network contention/oversubscription ratio of 1:10

*These are the nominal access speeds, and are not necessarily indicative of actual Internet data transfer speeds - learn more about speeds and performance.

Want to get your apartment complex connected?

Up to 100 Mbps download and upload speed per building

NuSkope offers a fast, reliable and secure solution at competitive prices. This is especially attractive to students and short stay leases, allowing the tenants to have a fast reliable service without complex and restricting contracts. We provide the highest internet speed to all residents within your building structure. Each customer is given the option to choose between price packages specific to your location, some even without connection fees.

NuSkope supports download and upload speeds of up to 100 Mbps to a single building. That’s faster than many of our competitors, enabling you to exchange information and data in real-time with other people. Our system's proven technology means that your service is always on and always available.

Unlike the options offered by other ISP’s, which can involve a lengthy set up process, the NuSkope modules can be installed in your building in a short period of time. All NuSkope apartments are managed by NuSkope and the units are small and maintenance-free. Concerned about the strata title? Don’t worry! We install the equipment to multi- story apartment complexes at no cost, providing that all residents are advised that our service is available to them.

If you are interested in getting your apartment complex connected, contact the NuSkope sales team today.


Other Costs
Service Details Cost
Plan Change Nuskope allows you to change your plan anytime (taking effect at next billing month for downgrades). You have the freedom to change to any of our plans without restriction. So if one month you want to download more just give us a call and we can upgrade you, and you are free to downgrade the next month. $0.00
Extended pole If an extender pole is required for your connection, there will be an additional cost for NuSkope to supply and install the pole. Our technician will always check with you first. $60.00
Extended Mast If a 4m mast is required for your connection, there will be an additional cost for NuSkope to supply and install the mast. Our technician will always check with you first. $220.00
Extended Ladder Hire For warehouse and three story townhouse roofs an extended ladder is sometimes required. Our installers carry 6.5M ladders, if a taller ladder needs to be hired a $50 ladder hire fee will apply. Our technician will always check with you first. $50.00
Wireless Router If you want a Wireless Router for your home network, allowing you to connect computers and phones wirelessly Nuskope can install one for you. $79.95
  A relocation fee applies if you wish to move your service to another location. It's important to note that Nuskope cannot guarantee the availability of a service at any residence, however we will test availability upon request.
Maximum Early Termination Charge With contract options, you pay a reduced setup charge for your service; but you are liable for an early cancellation charge if you cancel your service during the contract period.
This is now known as the maximum early termination charge