WDSL Business Plans

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*These are the nominal access speeds, and are not necessarily indicative of actual Internet data transfer speeds - learn more about speeds and performance.

We also offer 25/10 and 30/10 solutions.

Custom and Dedicated Internet Solutions

At NuSkope we realize that your business is unique, and because of this, so are your internet requirements. As a provider committed to your success, we will work with you to identify your specific internet needs, and create a custom plan that ensures the right connectivity for your organisation.

NuSkope provides dedicated 1:1 connections for businesses, schools, universities, councils and government customers

Some of our most common options are below:

  • 50Mbit/25Mbit
  • 100Mbit/100Mbit
  • 200Mbit/200Mbit
  • 300Mbit/200Mbit
  • 400Mbit/400Mbit

All plans come with static IP addresses and dedicated local Adelaide support.

If you would like to learn more about 1:1 Business Plans or apply for a quote, please contact our account manager Amanda Wadham on 0437 669 589 or email her at amanda.wadham@staff.nuskope.com.au


Point To Point Data Links

Connect multiple sites of your business though our point to point connections. We use a range of technologies to best suit the application and budget for your requirements.  

What are point to point wireless links?

A point to point wireless link is the interconnectivity established between two or more distant locations (WAN) on wireless radio frequency. A wireless point to point/multipoint link can bridge two or more separate ethernet networks into one large network. It is most commonly used to connect remote office or warehouse locations into your main office network.