Network Security and Security Tools

Customers agree to accept responsibility and liability for the security of and/or access to their networks and related systems. You must take reasonable and appropriate precautions to prevent any violations of Your network and/or related systems security. NuSkope does not take responsibility or liability in any way for any violations of Your network and/or related systems security, however caused.

While NuSkope is responsible for the provision of your service, You are responsible for ensuring that adequate security in the form of virus protection and firewalls exist to protect Your electronic data and computer operating system or the electronic data and computer operating system against and unauthorised or unwarranted intrusion

Why is security software important? And what does it protect from

Viruses - Security software helps deliver protection that stops most viruses, such as Trojans and worms before they can infect your computer.

Spyware - Security software can help prevent cybercriminals from hacking into your computer and stealing your personal information such as passwords.

Information & Identity Theft - Security software can help protect you from software that may self-install on a computer, or be installed as a hidden component of another program. These programs generally enable information to be gathered secretly about what websites you visit, your passwords etc.

Online Predators - Security software can spy on your children's website and social network activity, it can also block access to inappropriate material/websites where required.

What should I use ?

NuSkope does not recommend any one piece of security software as everyone's needs are different

Please review the smartest place on earth for such questions to Google and the Comparison of antivirus software WiKi